In Mid-Air

Born in East Germany under the communist regime, Hans Wink experienced a difficult childhood that involved the divorce of his parents, an abusive stepfather and poor performance in school. Yearning for a better life, he escaped through the Iron Curtain for freedom in the West, finally landing in America.

As a young man in Miami, Hans ran the gamut of the American experience, from tumultuous relationships to drugs and vice. In the year 2000, he escaped once again—this time from the love of his life after a devastating breakup. It was a tragic fall that would have shattered him to pieces if not for the door that opened to a new profession—aviation! 

Hans was destined to succeed and became a commercial pilot. He flew worldwide air-ambulance missions saving countless lives. In 2009, Hans accepted a three-year contract with the United Nations to fly officials to the hot spots of Africa and Asia. Observing UN operations in war zones such as Libya and Afghanistan compelled Hans to write about his encounters. But his main objective was always to reconnect with his alienated children...